Updated: Jan 28, 2020

We all wish we could walk around with our filtered, flawless version of ourselves. The truth is, we have to realize how beautiful we are in our natural skin. Ten years ago we all compared ourselves to women in magazines and television. Now we get to compare ourselves to our filtered selves and that is an even harder burden to bear.

It’s getting harder to love ourselves, especially in the world of social media where we can not only filter our faces, but filter our lives into only the happy bits. It may be easier to just focus on the perfect moments, but how many imperfect moments are we losing out on? While scrolling for the perfect picture to edit, we waste time being present.

Even as a mental health professional, I struggle with this! There is no avoiding the temptation to post our best lives. Getting ready for a new post on my Instagram page, I struggled choosing a photo with this post, so I decided to post what I would’ve chosen, next to a more honest version of myself and let me tell you that was NOT easy.

Somethings that may help with insecurities around social media and perfect images if you're not ready for a social media detox:

1) Follow pages that make you feel good! Follow more pages that promote body positivity. I personally like to follow pages that show different body shapes and other women of color.

2) Follow pages that promote hobbies you're interested in. For example: art pages, musician pages, get the idea.

3) Stop "hate-liking" other photos! Those pages that you follow that just make you jealous, but you like the photos anyway...stop following them! The more you engage with certain pages, the more they will pop up in your feed.

4) Post something unfiltered. It doesn't have to be yourself. It can be a nature shot, or a photo of a cute dog. Challenge yourself to accept the beauty in something unedited. It'll make posting possible future unedited selfies a lot easier.

Keeping up with self-esteem is challenging, but remember, No One is Perfect! Be Kind To Yourself! Remind yourself to not use comments towards yourself that you would NEVER allow another person to say about you or a friend.

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