The other day I noticed that a burn I had was beginning to scar up. My first thought was something about not having perfect smooth skin because I'm super clumsy and tend to have a lot of unexplained cuts and bruises. My second thought was about how I got that burn. I had been cooking a big breakfast for some friends that I had gone away with. I had forgotten that I preheated the oven and went in to reach for a baking sheet in that little drawer we normally use for just storing pans and sheets. It turns out that its real purpose is to get whatever is inside of it hot, like a broiler. I went to reach in for a pan and burned the side of my index finger. Of course it hurt, but when I thought about that weekend with 5 of my closest friends, I thought about all of the fun we had and the laughs we shared. Scars are unavoidable. When we get them, we pray that they fade away so no one can see them. They're visible reminders of our imperfections and flaws. They expose vulnerability which sometimes makes us uncomfortable, especially when the image we want to show the world is a perfect one. See, our scars tell stories; some funny, some painful, and some downright traumatic. Our scars shape us into who we are. They teach us lessons on caution, safety, and boundaries. They also bring to light our resilience, our ability to overcome some of our hardest moments. If we had perfect skin, we probably wouldn't be the person we are today, nor the person we're meant to be tomorrow. With each scar, you become more unique, your story more vibrant.

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