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Are you ready to take ownership over your mental health?

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My mission is to empower individuals and communities in their mental health through individual & group counseling, as well and training & development. To educate on social disparities within mental health in marginalized groups.

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We all wish life was as good as it seems on social media. The reality is that life is hard. Sometimes bad things happen and it becomes hard to carry the weight of those bad things, facing those demons that seem to spill into each part of our lives. Sometimes it's just hard to get out of bed and go through your day, go to work, or school without there being a reason why we feel so bad and with low energy. Often times those who we feel closest to can't help or may not understand. I'm here to offer that professional support, offering a safe space to process what's going.
I have had the honor of working with a broad range of clients that range from trauma survivors, clients struggling with anxiety and depression, families with communication challenges, newly arrived immigrants, and those recently released from incarceration. 
When we struggle with mental health, the hardest part is finding someone who you don't know and opening up to them completely. The next hardest part is doing the work. I am here to create a safe space and help you do the work so you don't have to do it alone. I offer services in English and in Spanish.

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Individual counseling is an opportunity to be able to sit one on one to process and explore issues that may be affecting your day to day life. It is a safe space to express vulnerability without judgement or bias. I am here to listen, process, and problem-solve with you. Together we can explore everything from past-traumas, to current everyday stressors that can sometimes get the best of us.

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Group counseling is a space where folks with shared social pressures and issues can come together and form a community of support. Each group has a purpose and is formatted to sustain a safe environment to explore common themes and topics. Individuals in the group are encouraged to express vulnerability, challenge each others thinking and perspective, as well as maintain a safe and supportive environment.

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Coming Soon Summer 2020

  • #Adulting Group
    May 2020
    60 Island St, Lawrence, MA 01840, USA
    May 2020
    60 Island St, Lawrence, MA 01840, USA
    Still feeling unseasy about #adulting? This group will explore the different realms of what it means to be a grown up in 2020.
  • To be a #Mujer
    July - August 2020
    60 Island Street Suite 204, Lawrence, MA 01841
    July - August 2020
    60 Island Street Suite 204, Lawrence, MA 01841
    A safe space for women to openly discuss challenges and struggles that range from societal expectations to mental health.
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60 Island Street Suite 204W, Lawrence, MA 01841

(978) 361-2501

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